Post-Doctoral position - Consideration of sub-mesoscale structural dynamics in the modeling of continuous media of biomimetic micro-objects in flow

Країна: Франція;

Місто: Marseille

Додана: 06.12.2018

Роботодавець: LabEx MEC

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;


Duration: 1 year                                      

Period: From March 1st, 2019

Location: Marseille, France               

Gross salary: from 2423 € to 2843 €/month depending on qualification and experience

Research project and job description

Title: Consideration of sub-mesoscale structural dynamics in the modeling of continuous media of biomimetic micro-objects in flow.


Our current research focuses on the study of dynamics of soft (deformable) particles under microfluidic flows, i.e. micro-bags filled with a more or less viscous liquid and whose behavior is driven by the richness of its membrane mechanics. It is a very active field of research because of its potential for technological valorization in agri-food, cosmetics (encapsulation of active ingredients) and pharmaceutical (vectorization of drugs). On the fundamental theoretical research aspect (mathematical and numerical modeling), capsule and vesicle embody the basic biomimetic micro-objects for the study of even more complex objects such as biological cells. The models that we develop, based on a description of continuum mechanics and on the boundary integral method (BIM) for the fluid-structure interaction problem, allow us today to explore a wide spectrum of deformable objects and that in a unique formalism: a vesicle (incompressible fluid interface and bending force), a polymersome (vesicle + surface viscosities), a capsule (any constitutive law with or without resistance to bending, with or without surface viscosities) and of course a drop (with or without surface viscosities). Recently, we are also able to study these deformable objects in a more realistic or biological configuration, for example, vesicles in a confined Poiseuille flow. In addition, we have recently developed a new modeling approach for the red blood cell membrane by combining an existing continuum vesicle model with a coarse-grained model for the cytoskeleton consisting of a spring network. The question that can be asked then is to know if a model of capsule would not be more legitimate and effective, insofar as it allows to find the homogeneity and the isotropy of a tablecloth formed of a big number of randomly oriented filaments. Combining our vesicle model with our capsule model as a replacement for the spring network is an idea we have not explored yet (Objective 1). The consideration of thermal fluctuations in the spirit of what has been done in the paper of Turlier et al. (Nature Physics 12, 513-520, 2016), is also a path to explore (Objective 2). The goal at first will be to achieve a method of implementation of random forces at the interface. Fortunately, the results of statistical physics (fluctuation-dissipation theorem) should validate our approach.

Job description:

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate who should have a PhD in fluid mechanics, applied physics or applied mathematics, preferably with experience in numerical simulation of fluid flow or scientific computing. The candidate will work with a team and collaborate also with researchers from other laboratories, and have access to the Computing Facility (including GPU-accelerated high-performance computing) of Aix-Marseille University.

Essential skills:

Analytical and computational fluid dynamics; Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics; Fluid-structure interaction; Very good knowledge in computer programming languages; Excellent teamwork and English communication and writing skills.

Desired skills:

Boundary element method; Finite element method; Hight performance computing.

Labex team               

Axis, action, part: 3.1.3 (Complex Fluids, Fluid and Biomimetic Materials, Vesicular Dynamics and Microflow)


Name, surname: JAEGER Marc


Tel : +33 4 13 55 40 66         

Mobil: +33 6 30 93 65 00

How to apply

Send an application including:

  • A detailed CV with a list of publications
  • A cover letter
  • A list of scientific personalities able to comment on the application

to both these addresses:

Relevant group leader (

Labex management (

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