Protolang 6

Країна: Португалія

Місто: Lisbon

Тези до: 01.02.2019

Дати: 09.09.19 — 12.09.19

Область наук: Філологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Protolang


The Protolang conference series creates an interdisciplinary platform for scholarly discussion on the origins of symbolic communication distinctive of human beings.

The 2019 edition will have plenary talks given by, amongst others, Roslyn Frank, Tania Kouteva, Rafael Núñez, Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Catherine
Hobaiter, and Klaus Zuberbühler as well as several invited symposia organized by scholars from around the world.

Call for Papers:

We call for satellite events, 2-hour long symposia, individual talks and posters.

We invite scholars from A(rcheology) to Z(oology) to contribute data, experimental and theoretical research.

The 2019 conference additionally calls out for contributions on the following 5 themes:

1. Paleolithic Cosmologies: How Early Hominins conceptualized Matter, Space/Ecology, Time, Words & Number
2. Defining Protolanguage and the Biological, Cognitive, and Cultural Mechanisms and Processes whereby it evolves
3. History, Philosophy and Methodologies to Study Primate and Human Cognition, Communication & Culture
4. Multimodal Theories in Primate Communication and (Proto)Language
5. Modelling of Language Evolution (trees, networks, agent and population dynamics)

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