SoMePeAS2019: ECIR 2019 Workshop on Social Media for Personalization And Search

Країна: Германія

Місто: Cologne

Тези до: 04.02.2019

Дати: 14.04.19 — 14.04.19

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:,

Організатори: Computer Science Department of the Sapienza University of Rome


In order to improve the web experience of the users, classic personalization technologies (e.g., recommender systems) and search engines usually rely on static schemes. Indeed, users are allowed to express ratings in a fixed range of values for a given catalogue of products, or to express a query that usually returns the same set of webpages/products for all the users.

With the advent of social media, users have been allowed to create new content and to express opinions and preferences through likes and textual comments. Moreover, the social network itself can provide information on who influences whom. Being able to mine usage and collaboration patterns in social media and to analyze the content generated by the users opens new frontiers in the generation of personalization services and in the improvement of search engines. Moreover, recent technological advances, such as deep learning, are able to provide a context to the analyzed data. Even though social media platforms offer an abundance of data, recent regulations like the GDPR, limit the way in which personal data is collected, treated, and stored. Hence, users’ consent and privacy has become a prominent and timely issue.

List of Topics

Our workshop solicits contributions in all topics related to employing social media for personalization and search purposes, focused (but not limited) to the following list:

  • Recommender systems;
  • Search and tagging;
  • Query expansion;
  • User modeling and profiling;
  • Advertising and ad targeting;
  • Content classification, categorization, and clustering;
  • Using social network features/community detection algorithms for personalization and search purposes;
  • Privacy-aware algorithms.

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