Post Doc for Electrochemistry Research

Країна: Корея;

Дедлайн: 31.03.2019



The laboratory for Nanoscale Electronic Devices at Kumoh National Institute of Technology, School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, invites applications for a Post-Doctoral position under a government project, “Development of highly efficient photo-electrode systems for solar CO2 conversion into methanol using hybrid nanostructured materials sensitizing visible to IR spectrum”.
Position Description Summary:
1. Applicants must have a Bachelor degree in Chemistry/Physics/Engineering with a theoretical knowledge of the optical and electrical properties of semiconductors.
2. The course and research for a Ph. D. degree involve the Nanoscale Electronic Materials/Devices based on Electrochemistry and applicable for a green energy (Solar Cells, Solar Hydrogen, etc).
3. Initial monthly payment: 2,000,000KRW (the living cost of this area: ~1,000,000KRW), and possible to stay in guest room of KIT.

Candidates should submit a formal curriculum vitae with photo ID, transcript, and diploma as soon as possible. For those interested, please send an e-mail ( biography first to:

Professor BeeLyong Yang PhD
Kumoh National Institute of Technology (
School of Advanced Materials and Eneering
1 Yangho-dong Gumi-City Gyeongbuk, 730-701, Republic of Korea, Skipe ID: blyang7411