Birdplane. Electric jet plane.

Poultry is a simplified version of the flying saucer
The principle of the poultry action is that, by uneven oscillations of the wing, free thermal energy is released from the air in the form of a vortex, which pushes the device. This is contrary to the generally accepted assertions of modern science and is a new discovery. This principle underlies the movement of birds and fish and is more energy efficient than conventional aircraft.  Poultry has a significant advantage, which lies in the simplicity of the design, which in the future will allow to realize greater power without significant mechanical loads, and to create a number of aircraft and spacecraft that correspond to the description of UFO in their characteristics.
The existing sample with a minimum power (a motor from the phone and a battery from the clock) without stalling into a corkscrew goes to critical angles of attack (0:50) Video:

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