2019 Organ Donation Congress

Країна: Арабські Емірати

Місто: Dubai

Тези до: 06.05.2019

Дати: 14.11.19 — 16.11.19

Область наук: Медичні;

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Е-мейл Оргкомітету: isodp2019@mci-group.com

Організатори: International Society for Organ Donation


The mission of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP) is to foster, promote and develop all aspects of organ and tissue donation and procurement. The ultimate aim is to increase the supply of high quality organs and tissue to match the need.

The mission of the ISODP can be accomplished by focusing on:

  • Societal attitudes and legislative requirements
  • Perfecting the process of donation and procurement
  • Ways of expanding the donor pool
  • Measures to minimize donor organ injury
  • The development and facilitation of educational programs
  • Ethical matters related to organ and tissue donation and procurement

Веб-сторінка конференції: http://www.isodp2019.org/welcome-message.php