Senior Lecturer In Business Education

Країна: Англія;

Місто: Birmingham

Додана: 19.03.2019


Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Дедлайн подачі: 21.04.2019


Job Purpose

Contribute at a senior level on a sustained basis to the whole range of teaching leadership and administration and in particular the development of postgraduate programmes.

This is a teaching focussed role where the major priority is the development and leadership of major new academic Business School programmes.

It is expected that teaching-focused Senior Lecturers will demonstrate a significant contribution to the advancement of teaching (policy, practice, standards) of the subject, provide leadership in teaching and learning that is innovative to the subject area or institution, with a significant contribution to the debate nationally about teaching. This means that although this is a teaching focussed role the appointed person will be supported and encouraged to engage in scholarship and research in business education practice and policy.

Management and administration is likely to include Departmental/School leadership and management activity with University wide involvement that may include sustained high value impact knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement and similar activities that are of manifest benefit to the College and University.


Person Specification

Main duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Lead the development of new and/or revised programmes to meet the strategic aim of the School to have a sector leading portfolio of postgraduate education programmes.
  • Work with the Head of Postgraduate Programmes to implement a strategic review of the School’s current and future postgraduate programme portfolio.
  • Make a significant contribution to the pedagogical knowledge base of the subject that advances teaching through the enhancement of practice, the development of teaching resources and/or through practice-based research.
  • Lead on the management and the development of approaches to teaching and learning that are innovative to the subject area or institution.
  • Engage in research and scholarship in business education and contribute to debate nationally about new approaches to policy, methods and practices through publications, conferences, and activities that advance quality in the field.
  • Engage in external quality assurance activities related to teaching,e.g. External examining.


In addition, it is expected that the incumbent will:

  • Lead the development of new, innovative and appropriate approaches to learning and teaching. This may be underpinned by research and evaluation of teaching methods and systems.
  • Act as adviser for teaching and learning methods through excellent practice and mentoring other colleagues.
  • Contribute to the development of teaching and learning policy more widely than the School.
  • Teach and examine courses at a range of levels.
  • Plan and review own teaching approaches and act as a mentor to encourage others to do the same.
  • Undertake and develop the full range of responsibilities in relation to supervision, marking and examining.
  • Use appropriate approaches to learning and teaching in their field.
  • Disseminate appropriate practices through suitable media.
  • Develop and advise others on learning and teaching tasks and methods.

For this post the appointee’s work load balance consist of 30% teaching activities with the remaining time devoted to scholarship, programme and pedagogic development, and leadership.

The incumbent will be expected to chair and/or lead activities in the Department/ School and represent the School on College/ University committees or working groups.Where appropriate to the discipline, this is likely to include the following: Lead teams developing new and/or revised academic programmes. Make an important contribution to the development and running of the Department or School, for example, leading activity on teaching assessment and/or on research. Make important contributions to the development of the School’s learning and teaching strategy.


Person Specification

It is expected that the successful candidate will have:

  • Demonstrated excellence in learning and teaching, and the management and administration of taught programmes.
  • A track record of developing new academic programmes that demonstrate innovative approaches to pedagogy, disciplinary content and student experience.
  • Expertise in the development and practice of online and blended delivery.
  • An excellent teaching profile and performance in terms of both impact and quality.
  • Evidence of teaching and programme design informed by scholarship and/or research.
  • Evidence of successful and sustained use of a range of appropriate teaching methods, and assessment strategies that promote high quality learning, including learning that is flexible, distinctive and current and stimulates learners’ natural curiosity.
  • Made high quality and sustained contributions to fostering excellence in teaching activities more widely, i.e. in the Department/School or College and/or externally.
  • Expertise in providing mentoring and expert advice to develop the skills of colleagues in teaching and in fostering learning.
  • Demonstrated significant achievement in management and administration-related activities, which should include leadership of activities/initiatives.
  • Evidence of significant and sustained high quality, innovative contributions to the management/administration of an academic School/College or more widely across an educational institution.

Closing Date 21 Apr 2019


Additional Information

This new post is being created to support the strategic aim of the Birmingham Business School to develop sector leading educational programmes. The appointed person will contribute to the development and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as appropriate to the disciplinary area, with leadership in teaching in the subject and/or the School. In particular the appointed person will take an active role in the development of excellence in programme design and pedagogic practice.

The post will be linked to the development of the School’s new centre of excellence for postgraduate study.

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