Conference “Migration, Exile, and Diaspora in Historical Perspective”

Країна: Венгрія

Місто: Budapest

Тези до: 14.06.2019

Дати: 11.08.19 — 14.08.19

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Central European University


“The twenty-first century will be the century of the migrant.” Thomas Nail’s statement in his recent inspiring study The Figure of the Migrant (2015) speaks about the present and the future. To gain a deeper and more informed understanding of this hallmark process of our times and counteract biases inferred by short-term interests, however, it is important to consider the history of migration. It goes back to the earliest periods of human history and has been a constitutive element of it ever since. It has taken a wide variety of forms from expulsion and eviction through economic and cultural mobility to colonization and conquest. It has had a decisive and transformative impact on society, economy, law, landscape, and culture for all parties involved.

Our conference aims at examining the main reasons, the push and pull factors that drove individuals, families, smaller or bigger communities, ethnic and religious groups to seek out for new abodes temporarily or in the long run. We invite speakers to address the issue of migration, exile, and diaspora in all periods of history, and with the methods of all branches and disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, including but not restricted to archaeology, art history, historical geography, social, political, religious, intellectual, and cultural history. Presentations should preferably go beyond being merely descriptive: individual case studies can still address the complexity of factors that impacted these communities, or apply a comparative perspective on the topic. Papers discussing the impact of migration and dislocation on various aspects of life of these groups, as well as on their place of origin and the host societies, are also welcome.

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