REMEDY2019: foRmal modEls for Mastering heterogeneous multifacEteD sYstems

Країна: Франція

Місто: Toulouse

Тези до: 14.06.2019

Дати: 28.10.19 — 28.10.19

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Організатори: ENSEEIHT Engineer school


International Workshop FoRmal ModEls for Mastering Heterogeneous MultifacEteD SYstems (REMEDY @ MEDI 2019) - October 28th - Toulouse France

Numerous software-based systems are distinguished by their needs to handle simultaneously multiple facets: complex behaviours, intensive data, continuous reaction with their environment, evolving physical environments, time properties, robustness to failure, etc.

Modelling, analysing and building such multifaceted systems are still challenging research concerns.

The purpose of the workshop is  to connect researchers and practionners working on various aspects of such systems which involve heterogeneous components, distributed and embedded systems, reactive systems, etc.

As an event of MEDI’2019, the workshop will be scheduled on half a day (October 28th, 2019), for the presentation of papers selected by an international programme committee.

List of Topics

The topics of interest of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • New concepts, models, theory and tools for multifacted systems
  • Formal modelling of multifaceted systems;
  • Formal modelling of embedded systems and mechatronic systems
  • Analysis of interactive distributed systems
  • Standards for interchange between models, methods, provers, model checkers
  • All aspects of interaction between formal analysis tools
  • Correct-by-construction (refinement-based) methods
  • Contract-based design and verification
  • Probabilistic modelling and analysis
  • Compositional approaches to heterogeneous systems
  • Heterogeneous models for cyber-physical or mechatronic systems
  • Case studies


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