University of Kent School of Biosciences international awards in the UK

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Дедлайн: 31.07.2019



The School of Biosciences has invested in a Scholarship fund to provide financial support of £2,000 well-qualified Overseas fee-paying students registered for our postgraduate Master's programmes. 
The Scholarship is open to Overseas fee-paying students who have been accepted on any of the following School of Biosciences Master's Programmes: 

MSc Biochemistry
MSc Biomedicine
MSc Biotechnology and Bioengineering
MSc Cell Biology
MSc Cancer Biology
MSc Computational Biology
MSc Infectious Diseases
MSc Genetics
MSc Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics
MSc Microbiology


To be considered for the award of £2,000 applicants:


  • Must accept an offer for one of the above programmes before 31st May 2019 
  • Must satisfy all conditions of their offer by 31st July 2019

The award is made at the end of the first three months of the student’s registration. The award is dependent on continued good academic and financial standing including full payment of tuition fees.


The School of Biosciences reserves the right not to allocate this award to any individual applicant it considers ineligible.

Scholarship holders would be expected to undertake reasonable duties to support the external profile of the School of Biosciences, for instance assisting with Open Days, outreach with the local community, working with the International Development team and promoting the School of Biosciences in their home countries.

The student can hold the School of Biosciences International Masters Scholarship together with other scholarships for which they are eligible


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