Volunteering in Herculaneum

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Дедлайн: 15.07.2019

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BACKGROUND:Following on from the reform of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, in 2016 Herculaneum has been officially detached from Pompeii and the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum was declared a site of national importance and given both scientific and financial autonomy. Since April 2017 the Park has had a Director and, in the course of the yeas 2018, a new staff have been hired. In the view of the new management the mission of the park is conservation and communication of the cultural values of Herculaneum to the existing public and to future generations. As "cultural values" we mean both the tangible assets that constitute the archaeological heritage of the site and its intangible assets. Its intangible assets result from archaeological and historical knowledge of the ancient Roman city and from the identity that Herculaneum has acquired, following its discovery, in the social, natural and cultural context of modern and contemporary times. Therefore, the Park is strongly motivated to join the WHC 2019 and involve young people from all over the world in the knowledge of the archaeological site and of the surrounding territory, first and foremost the Mount Vesevus and its natural environment, managed by the Vesuvius National Park, undertaking concrete actions and playing an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of Herculaneum cultural heritage. This volunteering project will be the first to be hold by the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum with the partnership of the National Park and others stakeholders.

WORK:1) Volunteering in the ancient Herculaneum -Hospitality and conservation: Welcoming visitors and giving information on the site; supporting keepers on the site in their daily activities; maintenance and cleaning activities on the site (e.g. removing grass alongside road and pavements). 2) Villadei Papiri frescos. A frescos painting workshop -Creative learning experience of frescos of the Villa dei Papiri: Visit to the Villa dei Papiri excavations and study of the frescos; demonstrations of the ancient techniques of fresco painting; practice ofthe essential steps to making a fresco, from the traditional preparatory drawings, mortar mixing and application, and the use of natural pigments to painting on terracotta tiles. 3) Welcome to SplendORI! -Managing visitor flows and reception in the Antiquarium of the Archaeological Park: Welcoming visitors at the exhibition entrance; visitor orientation; helping disabled persons; Making interviews to get a sense of visitors’ reactions to the exhibition.

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD:In a hostel or B&B with a communal kitchen and bedrooms provided with 3 or 4 beds per room and bathroom. The volunteers are responsible for cleaning and cooking. From Monday to Friday the lunch is directly provided from the Archaeological Park, which covers the cost of the meals and also the materials for the work.

LOCATION & LEISURE:Ercolano is a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania of Southern Italy. It lies at the western foot of Mount Vesuvius, on the Bay of Naples, just southeast of the city of Naples. The medieval town of Resina was built on the volcanic material left by the eruption of Vesuvius (79 CE) that destroyed the ancient city of Herculaneum, from which the present name is derived. Ercolano is a resort and the starting point for excursions to the excavations of Herculaneum and for the ascent of Vesuvius by bus. The town also manufactures leather goods, buttons, glass, and the wine known as Lacryma Christi (Tears of Christ).

TERMINAL:Napoli (Naples)airport,MEETING POINT:Ercolano railway station at06 pmREQUIREMENTS:YAP project-related motivation form is required.


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