Urban Affairs Association 2020 Conference

Країна: США

Місто: Washington

Тези до: 01.10.2019

Дати: 02.04.20 — 04.04.20

Область наук: Технічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: membership@uaamail.org.

Організатори: The Urban Affairs Association (UAA)


The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) emerged through the development of urban research and outreach centers at U.S.-based colleges and universities, in the 1960s. A small group of center directors began meeting to share experiences and developmental strategies. This group became known as the Council of University Institutes for Urban Affairs (CUIUA) and held their first meeting in Boston Massachusetts on November 13, 1969, where an official constitution and bylaws were drafted and approved. In April of 1970, the council convened the first annual meeting of the organization in Washington, D.C.. In 1981, the board of CUIUA changed the name of the organization to the Urban Affairs Association (UAA). Today, the future of UAA as an organization is inextricably linked to the commitment and engagement of researchers, policy analysts, policy advocates, academic programs, research centers, and public/nonprofit practitioners seeking to advance the well-being of residents, neighborhoods, cities, and their respective metropolitan regions across the globe.

In April of 2020, UAA returns to Washington, D.C. to celebrate its 50th anniversary of annual meetings. The Opening Plenary of the 2020 conference will address the theme, “The State of Urban Affairs and the State of Urban Affairs Research.” This theme sets the stage for the overarching goals of the conference, which are: 1) to better understand our past, 2) to assess current realities, and 3) to create visions for the future that support a global urban research agenda.  The conference will provide opportunities to assess urban affairs as a field, and to develop ideas for enhancing its long-term prospects and impacts. We encourage proposals for paper, panel, colloquy and roundtable sessions to stimulate thinking and re-thinking of urban affairs, and to widen intellectual and professional networks.

50th Anniversary Topics

The following topics are examples are offered to stimulate, not to limit, your development of ideas for possible proposals:

What is Urban Affairs?

  • What does “urban” mean in scholarship and in public discussion, media, legislative debates, etc.? How have those meanings changed over time? How do these changes matter?
  • How relevant are the traditional distinctions between urban, suburban, and rural  communities to our understandings and analyses of development and its consequences?
  • How has “urban” scholarship and policy discourse differed and converged globally?
  • Is “urban affairs” a discipline? Should it be? Where does “urban affairs” sit in the community of scholars: in academe and elsewhere?
  • What array of topics has directed research and writing and how has that mix changed over time?
  • What should be and/or are likely to be future directions in urban research?  What can we do to better shape that future?
  • What role has UAA played in the development of urban affairs as a field? How has that role changed over time? What directions should the organization take going forward?

Веб-сторінка конференції: https://urbanaffairsassociation.org/conference/call-for-participation-2020/

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