Southwestern Society of Mind, 1st annual conference

Країна: США

Місто: Forth Davis

Тези до: 15.11.2019

Дати: 22.02.20 — 22.02.20

Область наук: Філософські;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Southwestern Society of Mind


Call for Ideas: What is a mind?  Is there a fundamental structure of minds? How does a mind work? Have you thought about these questions?  Do you have an idea worth sharing?

 We welcome scholars from all disciplines, non-scholars with unique perspectives, and any drifters or passers-through who want to stop by, share their ideas, or just listen in at the 1st Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Society of Mind.

About the Organization: The Southwestern Society of Mind is a small outlaw organization that dispenses with the conventions and formalities of typical academic conferences, instead promoting a relaxed, creative, and unrestrained discourse on the mind. Our hope is that a rejection of disciplinary territoriality and rigid intellectual traditions will spur a fun, free-wheeling, and creative multidisciplinary dialogue.  The intent is to promote an environment in which scholars and thinkers from seemingly disparate disciplines (e.g., anthropology, biology, philosophy, physics, psychology, the arts, etc.) will enjoy socializing and sharing their ideas about the mind. 

About the Meeting: The meeting is intended to be a small, intimate gathering of minds.  It will be a 1 day event.  Presentations will begin at 9am and last until 5pm.  Food and libations will be provided. The meeting will be a mix of presentations, conversations, feasting, and perhaps a game of horseshoes or two.

Location: The meeting will take place in the atmosphere of rustic charm and modern comfort of the Meeting Hall of the Indian Lodge in beautiful Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, Texas. With its white adobe walls, historic aura, and refreshing pool, Indian Lodge is a welcome oasis in the high desert of West Texas. Explore the natural beauty of the Davis Mountains by day, and kick back in your next door room by night.

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