Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow (speech and language technology)

Країна: Фінляндія;

Дедлайн: 30.11.2019



Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences create a unique environment for multidisciplinary, inspirational and high-impact research and education. Our universities community has its competitive edges in technology, health and society.

Speech and Cognition research group (SPECOG) is part of Computing Sciences Unit of Tampere University within the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. SPECOG focuses on interdisciplinary research at the intersection of speech technology and cognitive sciences. We apply advanced signal processing and machine learning methods to computational modeling of human language learning and perception and study how human-like information processing principles can be applied in autonomous next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The group also conducts research and development in speech and language technology and in medical signal processing and machine learning. SPECOG collaborates with several internationally leading research groups within and across disciplinary boundaries, including joint research with computer scientists, psychologists, brain researchers, and linguists. The group is also closely affiliated with audio and machine vision research groups of Tampere University.


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