Opto-X Nano 2019 Conference

Країна: Японія

Місто: Okayama

Тези до: 01.11.2019

Дати: 02.12.20 — 05.12.20

Швидкі посилання

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Е-мейл Оргкомітету: jointevent@ec.okayama-u.ac.jp

Організатори: Graduate school of natural science and technolgoy, Okayama University


his conference series started in EMRS Spring Meeting 2003, Strasbourg, France and now it is at the 8th edition (organised for the 2nd time in Japan) aims to explore recent advances in photonic characterization of novel materials used in applications as varied as renewable energy, medical applications, and art restoration.

OptoX-NANO 2019 conference aims at:

        giving an overview of: a) current challenges for rational material design and emerging devices modelling and design and b)the current status and future trends of optical, THz and X-ray metrology for key enabling nanoscale material characterization for emerging technologies, with a particular emphasis for ICT, Microwave/Terahertz, Renewable Energy and Energy storage, health and heritage conservation.
        promoting and encouraging young researches and academics interaction with industry to address scientific and technological challenges associated with the improvement of standard analytical methods and qualification of newer techniques suitable for addressing the needs for the emerging technologies of the future at nanoscale.
        promoting and encouraging networking activities between Europe (EU ERASMUS/H2020/Horizon Europe, MINATEC/GIANT) and Japan (JSPS, JST, RIKEN, AIST, Japan Delegation for EU H2020/Horizon Europe) within all these emerging fields of science and technologies that are expected to have a significant societal impact.

Веб-сторінка конференції: http://opto-x-nano.com/