Twenty-First Century Perspectives on Kazuo Ishiguro

Країна: Англія

Місто: Wolverhampton

Тези до: 13.12.2019

Дати: 01.02.20 — 01.02.20

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Організатори: The Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research (CTTR); University of Wolverhampton


Kazuo Ishiguro remains one of the finest writers of our times, yet, as the twenty-first century world is changing,how do we see these new, turbulent times reflected in his body of work?The early twentieth-century presents us with a host of pressing contexts and challenges, from concerns about climate change and technological innovation to LGBT issues and shifts in geopolitical power. To what extent does Ishiguro’s writing anticipate and comment on the early twenty-first century Zeitgeist? Surely, The Remains of the Dayanticipates Brexit,Never Let Me Gomediates on posthumanism, whilst The Buried Giantcomments on our distracted, amnesic times. This conference invites critical and creative responses that connect Ishiguro’s work in new ways and/or situate it in new contexts.

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