Environmental Science 2020

Країна: Австрія

Місто: Vienna

Тези до: 01.02.2020

Дати: 11.05.20 — 12.05.20

Область наук: Екологія;

Address: Mercure Hotel Wien Westbahnhof ACCOR Austria Invest GmbH Felberstraße 4 A-1150 Wien Vienna, Austria.

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: environmentalsciencevienna2020@gmail.com

Організатори: Lena Mendes

Телефон / Факс: +447588772948

Умови участі та проживання: 699$


<p>This is an astonishing platform for global scientists sharing the information and ability from both scientific and industrial groups as well as the importance of environmental impact assessment. It will impact an attractive moment to meet and interact with professionals in the <a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com/">Environment Science research </a>field and therefore it takes a delight in opening a way to meet young researchers and speakers where they can show their&nbsp;researches&nbsp;and contributions in the field of <a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com">Env</a><a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com/">ironmental Science and Technology</a><a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com">, </a><a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com/">Earth Science</a><a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com">&nbsp;and&nbsp;</a><a href="https://environmentalscience.euroscicon.com/">Climatic Changes.</a></p>

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