International hackathon Digital Age

Країна: Variety of countries;

Дедлайн: 03.12.2019




Hackathon is aimed at decisions with the use of technologies:


Technologies related to studying the nervous system and effect on its functioning;

Wireless communications technology

Wireless information transfer technologies;


Technologies of visualization and simulation of other senses in virtual world;

Artificial Intelligence

Systems' capacity to serve functions which are traditionally represented as human functions ;

Big Data

Technologies related to the processing of a huge amount of raw data;

Robotics and sensors

Technologies related to robotics and sensors (actuating devices).


15 November-3 December
Register on the website and upload presentations on your ideas for the tasks in the categories described above


5-6 December, Mexico City, Mexico
10-11 December, São Paulo, Brazil
Come to the offline event and win!


Get cool prizes and international coverage for the project implemented at the hackathon!


Fill in all fields of the registration form, upload your idea presentation in the presentation field using the following format:
- Nomination, project title, a brief description of the project (one slide);
- A brief description of the project's technologies (one slide);
- Project implementation plan within the framework of the hackathon, for example, in the format of a roadmap (one slide);
- Description of the project team including skills and experience of each team member, contact information (one-two slides).
Your team can upload the same presentation, but all team members must register by themselves !

Telephone: +7 964 721 42 07 (Iuriy)


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