20/20 Vision: Speculating in Literature and Film in Canada

Країна: Канада

Місто: Saskatoon

Тези до: 10.02.2020

Дати: 20.08.20 — 22.08.20

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: 2020vision@usask.ca

Організатори: University of Saskatchewan


Speculative fiction, film, and television series are fast-growing genres, in part because they comment on the present. These genres ask readers to consider environmental, technological, and political events and developments in the world today, and the immense impacts these may have on the world of the future. They are often used by their creators to represent, report, and speculate on key societal issues, such as relations of class, gender, and race, as well as issues of environmental destruction and political conflict. In Canada, speculative writing has become a tool to interrogate colonial enterprises and open up spaces for marginalized groups, including women, Indigenous peoples, members of LGBTQ2S+ communities, and others whose lives are inflected by cultural difference, to assert their identities and create avenues for resistance. A variety of speculative worlds have achieved popularity through films and television/internet series, some of which are literary adaptations. 20/20 Vision: Speculating in Literature and Film in Canada invites researchers and creators in the year 2020 to present their own speculations about the futures and/or societies that are presented in various texts produced in or relating to Canada. What do speculative texts tell us? Which visions of “Canada” do we find in speculative texts? How do these visions reflect our own perceptions of the world? Does this kind of literary imagination help us achieve social change?

Proposals for both papers and panels are invited. These can take a range of approaches related to speculative writing in Canada, including:

-       Dystopian worlds

-       Utopian and anti-utopian worlds

-       Apocalyptic scenarios

-       Post-apocalyptic futures

-       Feminist speculations

-       Indigenous speculations

-       Decolonizing speculations

-       Speculative writing for children

-       Speculative poetry

-       Climate change and/or technological developments in speculative writing

-       Animals in speculative writing

-       Speculations on language and power

-       Disability in speculative writing

-       Gender and sexuality in speculative writing

-       Speculation and interdisciplinarity

-       Speculations on the screen: movies, documentaries, television and internet series, video games

-       Speculative adaptations

-       Speculative creation, including the writing of speculative fiction*

*The conference will also host sessions in which creators of speculative genres will be invited to present their works. Authors and artists are invited to propose 20-minute creative pieces; these may involve readings from written works, visual instalments, performance pieces, or film presentations.

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