38th Annual Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference in Hand Surgery

Країна: США

Місто: San Antonio

Тези до: 02.03.2020

Дати: 30.09.20 — 30.09.20

Область наук: Медичні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: https://www.assh.org/applications/s/app?oppId=aB40a000000kBydCAE&newApp=yes

Організатори: American Society for Surgery of the Hand


Submit your report of a basic or clinical investigation relevant to the practice of hand surgery. Your abstract is required to include the following sections in order to be considered by the ASSH Residents & Fellows Program Committee Program Committee: 

Hypothesis – The hypothesis should be stated clearly at the outset and is constructed so as to alert the reader to the specific question being asked. The hypothesis should be no longer than one or two sentences. 

Methods – The methods section is a summary of the experimental techniques and methodology utilized and should include information regarding the statistical analysis. 

Results – The results section outlines the basic data (and the statistical analysis thereof) collected by the experiment. 

Summary Points – The summary points section should consist of a series of point-form statements that outline succinctly the main experimental findings and their relevance. 


Веб-сторінка конференції: https://www.assh.org/applications/s/am20-call-for-r-and-f-abstracts

Конференції по темі - із близькими дедлайнами:

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