ICCIM 2020: International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Management

Країна: Індія

Місто: Greater Noida

Тези до: 15.03.2020

Дати: 02.05.20 — 02.05.20

Область наук: Економічні;

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Е-мейл Оргкомітету: iccim@lloydbusinessschool.edu.in

Організатори: Lloyd Business School


The International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Management (ICCIM), 2020 is organized by Lloyd Business School to provide a rendezvous for academicians, researchers, test developers, industrialist, university representatives, consultants, research scholars and management students across the globe together to discuss about the contemporary and innovative practices being observed in the revolutionary world of management. There is a noticeable transition across the borders, industries, sectors, economies etc. which makes it exigent to understand the surges on a broad intellectual platform. This will help researchers and academicians to bridge the gap between theory and practice and get an insight related to contemporary issues. Lloyd Business School invites papers from industrialists, academicians and research scholars.

List of Topics

1. Economics, Finance and Accounting

    Corporate Financial Policies
    Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
    Financial Reporting and Regulations
    Cost Management Policies and Opportunities
    Financial Markets, Regulations, and Development
    Sustainable, Environmental Finance, and Investment Innovations
    Behavioral Finance and its relevance to policymaking
    Banking Policies and Financial Inclusion
    Corporate Governance and Ethics
    Accounting and Finance Education
    Public Finance, Public Procurement and Public Policy
    Digital Finance
    Intellectual Capital
    ERP Issues

    Operations, Statistics & Logistics

    Information Technology & Networking
    E-Commerce & M-Commerce
    Quantitative Applications in Management
    Queuing and Inventory theory
    Six sigma & TQM
    Supply Chain Management
    Statistical Quality Control
    Transportation System Management
    Infrastructure Management


3. Business Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

    Ethics and governance issues in business analytics
    Big data and business analytics
    Organizational issues in business analytics
    Data quality and business analytics
    Business analytics and decision support
    Data mining Trends and  Health data mining
    Web Analytics solution
    Data Mining marketing
    Data Mining in Search Engine Analytics (related SEO)
    Natural Language Generation
    Speech Recognition
    Virtual Agents
    Machine Learning Platforms
    NLP and Text Analytics

4. Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management

    Workplace bullying and harassment
    Tools and criteria used for successful evaluation.
    Protecting company data in the age of technology
    HR planning in mergers and acquisitions.
    Job satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment
    Employee productivity and retention
    Conflicts in the workplace
    Talent management and talent hunting
    Risks and opportunities for recruiting new team members
    Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Positivity enhance work performance
    Creativity at Work
    Cyber loafing at workplace
    Organizational Citizenship Behavior
    Organizational Retaliatory Behavior
    Withdrawal Behavior: Lateness
    Workplace Incivility
    Organization Behavior Management

5. Marketing & Advertising

    Marketing and its impact on vulnerable consumer groups
    Marketing and its impact on marginalized consumer groups
    Consumer materialism and behavior aspect
    Emulative Consumer behavior, Anxieties and insecurities
    Marketing of ideologies and consumers of fanaticism
    Overuse of credit cards and easy credits leading to personal bankruptcies
    Issues of unsolicited marketing campaigns
    Network /pyramidal marketing and exploitation of relationships
    Consumerism, consumer resistance and consumer reactance
    Social responsibility and ethics in marketing
    Social and public service marketing
    Social media analytics
    Text mining and sentiment mining
    Social Network analysis
    Big data and marketing
    Data-Driven CRM
    Measurement models and methods in marketing
    Marketing through online
    Brand Management
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    Development in Service Industries

6. General Management

    Business & Managerial Economics
    Hospitality Management
    Knowledge Management
    Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    Management and Computer Science
    Risk Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Health Management
    Rural Management
    Aviation Management
    Business Administration
    Hospital Management


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