cultural sustainable tourism (CST)

Країна: Португалія

Місто: Maia

Тези до: 01.09.2020

Дати: 13.10.20 — 15.10.20

Address: Alexandria

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Організатори: Ierek

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From the beginning of time, human movement and settlement patterns were solely dependent on basic human needs such as food, water, and trade. Today, and as we progressed into the 20th and 21st Centuries, these factors continue to influence patterns of the diaspora in different forms and with different motivations such as education, social betterment, and financial restrictions that were all usually coupled with necessity. However, in the contemporary and developed world, essential travel developed into a widespread activity of the masses supported by diverse services. As a leisure activity, according to Appadurai in 2002, Tourism represents an exchange of culture and plays a significant role in understanding the world we live in.

In recent times, the inter-relationships between tourismculture, and heritage have been the center of discussion among scholars and researchers at both national and international levels. Yet, there remains a need to better comprehend this link existing between culture and natural environment as a way of protecting and re-creating its resources. This link between culture, environment, heritage, society, and economics, known as the inextricable link, forms the basis of sustainable development and tourism. With a current failure to put theory into practice and words into action, there is a persistent need for practical solutions to achieve sustainable tourism.

That's why The 2nd International Conference on "Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST)" will be held in collaboration with Instituto Universitário da Maia - ISMAI, at Maia of Portugal, from the 13th to the 15th of October 2020.

The International Conference on "Cultural Sustainable Tourism - 2nd Edition" focuses on discussing the complex relations between culture, heritage, sustainability, and tourism. It showcases the different methods and trending strategies for preserving, spreading, and improving cultural and architectural heritage for the following decades. It focuses also on addressing the existing tensions in the assessment of cultural meanings and values to better understand tourism in the context of and in relation to preservation and sustainable development of cultural diversity and heritage resources. Provided that the tourism sector is becoming more and more willing to engage in the sustainable development scheme, key concepts and topics shape this conference’s agenda starting with policy and planning goals, whereby tourism is integrated with different development aims, to issues of structure and governance as well as heritage, sustainability, and biodiversity.

CST-2020 is a platform to spark discussion on emerging research methods on sustainable tourism that draws on integrated methods from many other disciplines such as Economics, Architecture, Geography, Sociology, and Management. It paves the way for researchers, professors, planners, architects, and stakeholders to take part in conveying and spreading awareness of the importance of cultural tourism as well as its development.

Moreover, this international conference avails the opportunity for interested researchers (authors) from around the globe to submit their research papers and get them published in highly-ranked international journals by the esteemed publishers Springer and IEREK Press. Noting that submitted researches must be in the scope of at least one of the official conference topics and abiding the submission instructions.


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