Research Seminar in American History / American Studies

Країна: Нідерланди

Місто: Middelburg

Тези до: 07.04.2020

Дати: 01.07.20 — 03.07.20

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS); Leiden University


The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS) is a research center and graduate school, partnered with Leiden University, dedicated to the study of American history, politics, and society. Since 2003, the Institute has organized regular seminars for doctoral students pursuing research in its areas of interest.

The RIAS will host its next research seminar on 1-3 July 2020, and we kindly invite applications from current doctoral candidates whose research covers any aspect of U.S. culture, media, society, politics, or foreign relations, current or historical. We welcome proposals for research papers (e.g. a dissertation chapter), or for papers that give an overview of the project in its entirety.

Participants will present their paper and contextualize it within their research project in 15 minutes. Each presentation is followed by a group discussion of approximately 45 minutes, providing extensive opportunities for feedback.

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