The International Society of Subsurface Microbiology ISSM 2020 Conference

Країна: Нідерланди

Місто: Ermelo

Тези до: 31.07.2020

Дати: 01.11.20 — 06.11.20

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Організатори: The International Society of Subsurface Microbiology


The programme of events will focus on a wide variety of topics, like (provisional, suggestions welcome and not limited to):

  • Molecular Tools in Subsurface Microbiology
  • Subsurface Pollutants
  • Subsurface Microbial Transport
  • Aquifer Recharge Microbiology
  • Microbial Aspects of Bank Filtration
  • Microbiology of Coastal Beach Aquifers and Hyperheic Zones
  • Microbiology of Extreme Subsurface Environments
  • Microbial Energetics in Subsurface Systems
  • Microbial Food Webs
  • Environmental Adaption, Diversity, and Functionality of Ecology
  • Sampling Subsurface Environments
  • Sub-seafloor microbiology
  • Subsurface Ecosystems
  • Microbial Ecosystems: From Network to Models
  • Role of Microbial Cycling in Environmental Sustainability
  • Emerging Issues

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