Materials Research Meeting 2020 - Materials Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals

Країна: Японія

Місто: Yokohama

Тези до: 20.08.2020

Дати: 07.12.20 — 11.12.20

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: The MRS-Japan (Materials Research Society of Japan)


Materials science is rapidly expanding across the traditional boundaries of physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The future of humankind and the development of a sustainable society depend on the development of new materials and their integration in the energy-water-food nexus. To achieve this requires integration of modeling, basic theory, high throughput materials science, and advanced characterization in a new approach to science and technology.

The MRM2020 is intended to offer a venue to materials researchers from different disciplines to discuss recent scientific developments and applications of advanced materials for the SDGs. There are many new opportunities for invention and brilliant materials research, and implementation of new materials or processes, in fields far from our individual disciplines. Intensive discussions among participants with different background are expected to bring innovative ideas and strategic development for next generation materials research. The meeting will also provide active opportunities for young researchers to discuss their research projects, thus extending the groundwork for a successful network and for synergetic collaborations. A dialogue across the various topic areas with notable scientists who are world experts with diverse backgrounds in materials research will be constructed. Each topic area is of both current and future interest and must be addressed to achieve sustainability. The organizers welcome participants who are interested in materials research and expect an exciting and fruitful discussion.

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