Fashion and Photography: 2nd Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Країна: Португалія

Місто: Lisbon

Тези до: 04.09.2020

Дати: 12.03.21 — 13.03.21

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Progressive Connexions


Unlike other conferences or gatherings, our event proposes to step outside the traditional conference setting and offer opportunities for photographers, designers, practitioners, theorists, independent scholars, academics, performers, writers, and others to intermingle, providing platforms for interdisciplinary interactions that are fruitful and conducive to broadening horizons and sparking future projects, collaborations, and connections.

We are excited to accept proposals for presentations, displays, exhibits, round tables, panels, interactive workshops and more. Below is a non-exhaustive list of possible approaches, all of them residing at the point of connection between Fashion and Photography.

Key Topics

Key topics, themes and issues for discussion may include, but are definitely not limited to:

~ Race
~ Gender
~ Androgyny
~ History / Eras / Styles
~ Limits (nudity, leather, sexuality)
~ Trends
~ Cities / Centres of power – Milan, NY, Paris
~ Power / Power dynamics
~ Who’s behind the camera / Who’s in front / Who’s in charge?
~ Age – from adolescent to ancient
~ Careers – models, photographers
~ Money
~ Art / Commodity / Marketing Tool
~ Ownership of image
~ Celebrity and Music – think Bowie / Adam Ant / Grace Jones / Annie Lennox / Madonna / Lady Gaga – all of whom have created themselves as fashion icons
~ Gender and celebrity – again, think Bowie / Adam Ant / Grace Jones / Annie Lennox whose fashion sense and androgyny made headlines and careers
~ Sports / Sports Figures
~ Body image – who determines what body type to photograph / who determines what’s sexy?
~ Manipulation of image / identity
~ Industry
~ Crime / Criminals
~ Performance
~ Digital technologies
~ Selfies / Instagram – fashion icons with their own accounts and photos, such as Iman
~ History of the Fashion Industry in photos
~ Culture / Regional Issues / Empowerment /
~ Retail / Commodities / Commercialization of beauty
~ Technology
~ Performance – the Catwalk / Dance
~ Tourism – Fashion week is a big draw in NY, Milan, Paris, and photos are at the core
~ Display / Exhibit

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