ISMP'21: International Conference on Innovative and Sustainable Management Practices

Країна: Індія

Місто: Jaipur

Тези до: 16.11.2020

Дати: 05.02.21 — 06.02.21

Область наук: Економічні;

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Організатори: JK Lakshmipat University Campus


This international conference is the flagship research event of JKLU and it is hosted by the Institute of Management. It invites full length un-published papers addressing sustainable and innovative practices in the area of management.

List of Topics


• Sustainable Applications &Development Policies• Renewable Energy Management• Climate Change• Environmental Assessments• Sustainable Waste Management• Developing Environmental FriendlyTechnology, Products and Services• Green Innovations & Entrepreneurship• Entrepreneurship & Regional Development• Critical Thinking for Sustainability• CSR policy - Corporate Social Responsibility

TRACK - 2 PEOPLE MANAGEMENT & ETHICAL ISSUES• Leadership in Changing World• Design Thinking in HR• Managing Counterproductive Behavior atWorkplace• Developing Talent for Future• Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Talent• Employee Relations• Workplace Diversity and Inclusion• Technology Driven HR• HRM and Sustainability• High Performance Culture

TRACK - 3 MARKETING PRACTICES• Green Marketing• Event Marketing and Sponsorship• Marketing across Cultures• Marketing to the Bottom of PyramidConsumers• Technology as a Sustainable Marketing Tool• Experiential Marketing• Ethics and Values Marketing• Marketing Criticism• Customer Engagement• Role of Social Media in Marketing

TRACK - 4 FINANCE & ECONOMICS• Digital Banking, Insurance and FinancialServices• Behavioral Finance and Financial Models• Derivatives and Risk Management-Stock,Commodity & Forex Markets• Fin-Tech and Financial Analytics: Cloudcomputing, AI and Blockchain

TRACK- 5 TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS• Sustainable Supply Chain Management• Green Manufacturing• Sustainable Product Management• Reverse Logistics• Sustainable Projects• Industry 4.0• Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship• Internet of Things (IOT)• Circular Economy• Product-service Systems

TRACK- 6 DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE• Life Science and Design for Healthcare• Behavioral Design• Socially Responsible Design• User Centric Design• Design through Pluralism and Social Values• Design for Co-existence• Social Impact of Creative Design

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