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Internships provide an opportunity for exceptionally well-qualified undergraduate and graduate students to take part in research projects at the MPI for Software Systems. Interns are expected to tackle new and challenging research problems in close collaboration with graduate students and faculty at the institute. Successful internships often result in coauthored publications at top academic conferences.

Only a limited number of internship positions are available each year, and admissions are very competitive. Candidates are selected based on their academic achievements (e.g., honors, course grades, prior project experience) as well as their interest and motivation in pursuing original research in different areas of software systems. Selection process might also involve a phone interview with promising candidates.

Selected applicants receive monthly stipends during their stay. They are provided free housing by the institute, and are reimbursed for their travel expenses to the institute.

Our internships are usually 12 to 14 weeks long. Longer internships are possible in some cases. We welcome interns round the year, but most of our interns prefer the summer months (May-August).


Interested candidates can apply by clicking the Apply button below. We have three deadlines every year: April 30, August 31 and December 31. Please apply by a deadline that is at least four months ahead of the date on which you wish to start your internship. In particular, candidates interested in an internship during the summer (starting dates from May to August) must apply by December 31 of the previous calendar year. You will be notified of the results of your application within four months of the deadline to which you applied.

 Your question may already be answered there. If not, feel free to contact us at or +49 631 9303-6050.


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