Linguistic Society of America 2022 Annual Meeting

Країна: США

Місто: Washington, DC

Тези до: 30.06.2021

Дати: 06.01.22 — 09.01.22

Область наук: Філологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: LSA


Depending on subject and/or content, it may be more appropriate to submit an abstract to the poster session for visual presentation rather than to a 20-minute paper session. In general, the sort of research which is most effectively presented as a poster draws its major conclusions from the thoughtful examination of charts and graphs, rather than a sustained chain of verbal argumentation. Therefore, authors will want to make points in narrative form as brief as possible. The poster should be able to ''stand alone'', that is, be understandable even if the author is not present, and should not require audiovisual support.

Organized sessions may be on any linguistic topic that would be of interest to meeting attendees (e.g. characteristics of a particular language family; trends and advances in a particular subfield of linguistics; current debates on a particular research topic). They may also address topics of interest to particular groups of attendees (e.g. students, hopeful book authors, prospective grant-writers, policy advisors). They may have a theoretical or a pragmatic focus. Graduate students and junior faculty are particularly invited to submit proposals on professional development topics. Proposals are particularly welcome from groups historically underrepresented among LSA members, from LSA Committees and Special Interest Groups, and on topics relating to the Mid-Atlantic region in general and Washington, DC in particular.

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