LACLOD: Learning Analytics for Children’s Logic Development

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<p>Learning Analytics for Children&#39;s Logic Development (LACLOD) is a web-based and mobile friendly learning analytic platform for assessing the logic development of children age 3 to 4 years old in TASKA PERMATA UPSI Malaysia. The platform is developed using Unity and connected through Google Analytics (GA) plugin where it tracked the user interaction for the application. LACLOD is designed only for mobile or tablet which is using Android. In this paper, the development of this learning analytic platform is presented. For evaluation of this system, observation and survey have been used, to get the feedback from 2 teachers (female) and 3 children (2 female and 1 male). Based on the evaluation, it can be seen that there are still rooms for improvement. Female children found it quit hard to understand the game but the male children looked satisfy because he knew on how to navigate the app and he actively played the app by himself. As for teachers, the acceptance to this kind of assessment is moderate, however they agree that this application can better improve the children&rsquo;s learning especially in logic development.</p>
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