Scholarship at Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Division of Numerical Analysis

Країна: Швеція;

Дедлайн: 19.11.2010


Address: Lund University


The Phd student position is focused on research within numerical methods for parabolic evolution equations with applications.Within the department we are currently developing new methods for adaptive time-stepping, mainly in combination with finite element methods for space discretisation.Exponential integration and splitting methods have attracted considerable interest recently, and research could focus on both theoretical issues and practical aspects of algorithms and implementations.Collaborative projects with other departments may be included. The position also includes teaching at the undergraduate level.

Eligibility for a postgraduate education including PhD studies requires that the student has completed an advanced level degree covering 240 hp credits, with at least 60 hp credits obtained at the advanced level, or that the student has achieved a corresponding competence in Sweden or abroad.