Postgraduate Scholarship in Organic Chemistry

Країна: Швеція;

Дедлайн: 18.11.2010


Додаткові умови: Scholarship at the department of Chemistry, Division of Chemical Physics

Address: Lund University


The aim of the research projects is to develop and synthesize ligands in the field of photoinduced electron and energy transfer reactions for applications in the field of photocatalysis. The photocatalytic processes will be studied with various types of time resolved laser spectroscopy. Synthesis and spectroscopy work will be carried out in close cooperation.

Basic entry requirements for PhD studies are: a degree at advanced level, courses to an extent of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 at advanced level, or corresponding proficiencies aquired in Sweden or elsewhere.

Special requirements for this position: Experience from the field of organic synthesis will be of high importance. Ability to to independently conduct projects in the field of organic synthesis with given dead-lines will also be highly regarded. It will be of value if the candidate has an interest in photophysics and photochemistry. Good laboratory practice and carefulness in the daily laboratory work is of uttermost importance. Ability to document results as well as oral and written presentation in both Swedish and English is meritorious.