European Masters on Advanced Robotics Scholarship

Країна: Європа;

Дедлайн: 20.01.2011


Додаткові умови: Level: Masters

Address: Erasmus Mundus


Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Advanced Robotics


EMARO is an integrated Masters course conducted by: Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), and the University of Genova (Italy).
The Masters is designed to promote a high-quality educational offer in the area of advanced and intelligent robotics. After graduation the students will have mastered the different areas of robotics (Mathematical modeling, Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical design) in order to be able to deal with Robotics systems as a whole rather than just to concentrate on one particular area. The career prospects for EMARO graduates are very good as the proposed courses are relevant to today’s high technology society and because the current output of universities is insufficient to meet the demands of industry and research programmes. Students may take the master as a professional terminal degree, or join PhD programmes afterwards.
Duration and mobility:
The programme of study lasts two academic years (120 ECTS) split into four equally loaded semesters. The student has to spend the first two semesters in one institution and the second two semesters in another institution.

The Erasmus Mundus programme supports high-quality European Masters Courses, by providing attractive grants for students having excellent academic results from around the world (non European and European) to engage in postgraduate study at EMARO institutions. The application to an Erasmus Mundus scholarship is done through the classical student’s application procedure of EMARO. Please note that the number of applications must be limited to three Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses maximum. In the eventual case that a student applies to more than three EM Courses he/she will be excluded from the selection for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

Category A scholarships (application open from 5 October to 10 December 2010),
Western Balkan and Turkey window for 2011/2012 (application open from 5 October to 10 January 2011).
Category B scholarships (application open from 5 October till 20 January 2011).