57th Annual Symposium of International Assotiation for Vegetation Science

Країна: Австралія

Місто: Perth

Тези до: 09.02.2014

Дати: 01.09.14 — 05.09.14

Область наук: Екологія; Біологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: Laco.Mucina@uwa.edu.au

Організатори: International Assotiation for Vegetation Science


In 1990 IAVS came for the first time to Australia. The legendary Dr. John S. Beard AO organised an IAVS Field Excursion to his adopted homeland of Western Australia. There are many of us (though, unfortunately, not myself as I was just pushing my life reset button in the free West after having escaped communist Czechoslovakia) who still recall this wonderful trip featuring weird flowers, strange vegetation types, and mesmerising dry landscapes full of eucalypts.

In 2014, IAVS is coming to Australia again – this time to hold its yearly symposium in Perth. For a couple of weeks in August and September Australia will become the focus of vegetation scientific interest as the University Club of The University of Western Australia will host the 57th Annual Symposium of IAVS. Australia is far from almost everywhere, and the ‘tyranny of distance’ drives our lives more than national politics. Despite the distance, we expect to attract many colleagues from overseas.

We are also committed to make the long trip worth taking for many young people. We want to be it a ‘young’ symposium: dominated by young people with fresh ideas and, therefore, most of the invited key‐note lectures will be given by young up‐coming scientists.

The Local Organising Committee is looking forward to seeing you in Australia and proudly showing you around our country. Four excursions flanking the symposium (two in Western Australia, and two on the East Coast featuring New South Wales and tropical northern Queensland) will offer ample opportunity to marvel at the beauty of our plants and vegetation. Come and join us – to push the envelopes of scientific theory, to boost the image of our scientia amabilis, to make new friends and perhaps find a new job or research partner, and at the same time, just to have a hell of a good time. Vegetation scientists like to meet, value a good drink and something (and lot of it!) nice to eat, and talk shop the whole day long. All that, and more, is guaranteed!

Welcome to Australia, welcome to Western Australia – the home of black swan and the home of vegetation science for 2014.


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