6th Geological Congresses of Turkey

Країна: Турція

Місто: Ankara

Тези до: 15.03.2014

Дати: 14.04.14 — 18.04.14

Address: The Secretariat of Organizing Committee P-box : 464 0644 Yenişehir/Ankara

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: kurultay@jmo.org.tr

Організатори: Mineral Research & Exploration General Directorate

Умови участі та проживання: Those who will make any presentation in the Congress are exempted from registration fee(s). Registration fee is 400 TL per capita for domestic representatives, and 150 � for those from abroad.


Even though the congresses were realized as a celebration for the Geology of Turkey as well as for the community of the Earth Sciences of Turkey in the years between 1947 and 1980, they lost their popularity in the following years. In spite of this, however, they regained their status starting from 2000 in an increasing manner and the determination for keeping the same traditional style of the Geological Congresses of Turkey is presented every year with a great enthusiasm. There are several factors responsible for this undulant development. The most important one is that the meetings designed for the specific topics are generally preferred by the people who are expert on such subjects, which is a natural result of the diversification of geology as well as specialization brought along with. This preference is understandable to a certain extent; however all earth scientists do also carry the responsibility to act jointly and show effort for recognition of their areas of interest and also for acceptance of the necessity and importance of the geology by decision makers. On the basis of this, we make this invitation, hoping that the 67th Geological Congress of Turkey would create a step for more successful congresses, both scientifically and socially, with a higher attendance rate.

In order to embrace a wide range of people as much as possible, the 67th Geological Congress of Turkey fits on a frame that covers all topics in geology. Moreover, the "Sustainability", which has become an increasingly controversial subject arisen from the notion to increase the welfare of the society, has been chosen as the main theme of the 67th Geological Congress of Turkey. "Natural Resources and Sustainability" is come across as an element that extends from petroleum to water, from mines to construction materials, from rare earth elements to aggregate, from groundwater to geothermal energy and unconventional energy resources. A dilemma has been faced, which results from increasing environmental sensitivity and rapidly improving social awareness on one hand, and a major demand of the developing Turkey for the natural resources on the other. Largely on the basis of the differences in perspectives and also priorities developing in the light of this, the "Sustainability" can be put forward as a support that tells us either to make use of natural resources no matter what, or to abandon all the contributions that the natural resources can make for social welfare. Between these two extremes, the only way to reveal the truth is the knowledge. In the context of natural resources and environment, since the true knowledge can be obtained only by the earth scientists, they have a great responsibility in the sustainability assessments. Performing these assessments according to the definition of the concept of sustainability on the basis of universal standards and values is the only way not only to prevent confusion of concepts, but also to balance the sensitivity between the need for resources and environment.  In this congress, with the help of invited speakers, panel discussions and seminars, a special attention will be given to objective demonstration of the concept of "Sustainability" and also to its sharing with public and decision makers.

Another important feature of 67th Congress, which is tried to be expressed by the title "Tribute to Masters" is to introduce and refer briefly to the academics and practitioners who have made significant contributions to the geology of our country to reach its present status in the sessions entitled after their names. As also stated by a master, Prof. Dr. Sırrı Erinç: "Examining the history of a branch of a science, learning how the present knowledge of the mankind, which is a common heritage of a long-lived evolution, has formed, demonstrating the phases undertaken to reach the current status, unraveling the factors leading to development or decline of the science, introducing those who have served for the development with their actual contributions,   .., is stimulating and necessary". With the "Tribute to Masters" sessions, we would be pleased if we could make even a little contribution to the huge duty of loyalty.

We are inviting you to contribute to this journey towards better and good, and hoping to meet you at the 67th Turkish geological congress which will be held between14-18th of April 2014 in Ankara.




Alternative Energy SourcesKadir Gürgey-İsmail Bahtiyar


Cultural GeologyFuat Şaroğlu & Ünsal Yalçın


Earth Information SystemOkan Tüysüz & M.Lütfi Süzen


Engineering Geology and GeotechnicsReşat Ulusay & Atiye Tuğrul & Mahir Vardar


Environmental GeologyAlper Baba & Remzi Karagüzel


Geothermal EnergyŞakir Şimşek & Gültekin Tarcan


Geochronology and Isotope GeologyMuharrem Satır & Nilgün Güleç


Geology of Fossil Fuelsİsmail Hakkı Demirel & Selami Toprak


Geology of the Lake and the RiversNizamettin Kazancı & Faruk Ocakoğlu


Hydrogeology, Water Resources and ManagementHasan Yazıcıgil & Mehmet Ekmekçi


Industrial Raw MaterialsCahit Helvacı & Ali Uygun


Magmatism and Magmatic ProcessesŞ. Can Genç & Mehmet Keskin


Marine and Coastal GeologyNamık Çağatay & Mustafa Ergin


Medical GeologyYüksel Örgün-Gürhan Yalçın


Metamorphism and Metamorphic ProcessesOsman Candan & Erdinç Yiğitbaş


Metallic Mineral DepositsSönmez Sayılı & Yurdal Genç


Natural Hazards and Disaster ManagementMurat Nurlu-Bülent Özmen


Neotectonic and SeismicityMustafa Aktar-Hayrettin Koral


Paleoclimate and PaleogeographyFunda Akgün & İ. Ömer Yılmaz


Paleontology and BiostratigraphyDemir Altıner & Atike Nazik


Regional Geology and TectonicsAral Okay & Erdin Bozkurt & Timur Ustaömer


Sedimentology ve Sedimentary ProcessesBaki Varol & Naci Görür Джерело:http://www.minsoc.ru/confs.php?id=22&cid=1365

Веб-сторінка конференції: http://www.jmo.org.tr/etkinlikler/kurultay/etkinlik_metin.php?etkinlikkod=105&metin_kod=338