Intercellular communication in plant development and disease

Країна: Франція

Місто: Bischoffsheim

Тези до: 02.05.2014

Дати: 24.08.14 — 29.08.14

Область наук: Екологія; Біологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Умови участі та проживання: Academic: € 400


Plants are sessile organisms that need to respond to changing environments during development. As a result they have evolved unique signalling mechanisms through plasmodesmata that allow rapid communication between different parts of the plant. Communication through plasmodesmata involves the trafficking of informational macromolecules such as transcription factors, gene transcripts, and small RNAs. Moreover, viral pathogens exploit these cell wall channels for intercellular and systemic spread, which often results in serious crop diseases. The EMBO workshop will bring together scientists working on plasmodesmata structure and regulation, plant development, defense signaling, gene silencing, and virus movement.

The aim of this EMBO Workshop is to support the development of new scientific concepts and experimental approaches for exploring the mechanisms, control and role of intercellular communication in developmental plant biology and crop diseases. Participants and speakers are expected to stay for the whole duration of the meeting. Young researchers and students will have excellent opportunities to participate in this meeting through presenting posters, short presentations, and through discussions during breaks and social activities.

The EMBO Workshop will be organized into the following sessions:

  1. Structure and Regulation of Plasmodesmata
  2. Plasmodesmata and Plant Development
  3. Intercellular Transport of Messenger RNAs and Short RNAs
  4. Plasmodesmata and Viral Disease
  5. Direct Intercellular Communication Pathways in other Systems

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