Країна: Польща

Місто: Warsaw

Тези до: 09.06.2014

Дати: 15.09.14 — 19.09.14

Address: Warsaw University of Technology Pl. Politechniki 1, 00-661 Warsaw, Poland

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: remrs@inmat.pw.edu.pl

Організатори: Warsaw University of Technolog


The European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) was established in 1983 through the initiative of individual European Materials scientists. 
A number of European materials scientists who attended the MRS meetings in the U.S.A.  realised that such a society could be of benefit to
Europe to enhance the links between materials science and industry and to provide a voice for the materials community.
Most of the problems facing the world such as energy supply and health will be solved only by breakthroughs in materials science.  It is vital
that the outcomes of research are utilised through technological experience and innovation for the benefit of mankind.  The Fall Meeting
provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, expand one's knowledge and make new contacts.  The conference will consist of 24 parallel
symposia and a plenary session   and provides an international forum to discuss recent advances in the field of materials science.  The
conference will be augmented by an exhibition of products and services of interest to the conference participants.
The Conference will be held at the Central Campus of the Warsaw University of Technology, from 15th to 19th September 2014. It is the 13th 
E-MRS Fall Meeting following its launch in 2002 to  run in parallel to the well-established Spring Meeting in  France.  The Fall Meeting has
become increasingly multi-national with a steadily growing number of symposia and participants from all over the world.
Don't miss it!  We look forward to welcoming you to Warsaw and your active contribution and participation in the conference.

Scheduled Symposia (15th - 19th September):
Symposium  E  :  Biomimetics and regenerative medicine
Symposium  R  :  Bioceramics for bone and joint repair
Symposium  W  :  Harnessing nano-bio-engineering tools for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Symposium  U  :  Bioinspired and biointegrated materials as frontiers nanomaterials IV: healthcare
nanomaterials and systems in biomedical nano –chips, -robots
Symposium  C  :  Inorganic nanoarchitectonics and nano-objects: fabrication to sustainable solutions
Symposium  I  :  Magnetic quantum dots and nanostructures
Symposium  K  :  Computer modelling in nanoscience and nanotechnology: an atomic-scale perspective III
Symposium  B  :  Organized nanostructures and nano-objects: fabrication, characterization and applications
Symposium  J  :  Alternative semiconductor integration in Si microelectronics: materials, techniques &
applications 2
Symposium  Q  :  Terahertz and infrared optoelectronics: from materials to devices  
Symposium  T  :  Topological materials II
Symposium  X  :  Antiferromagnetic spintronics: materials, characterization, functionalities
Symposium  V  :  Functional perovskite systems
Symposium  A  :  Oxide materials for energy harvesting: In-silico study coupled with experiments
Symposium  O  :
Recent progress in new high-Tc superconductors and related multifunctional and magnetic
Symposium  F  :  Superconductivity in low dimensional systems
Symposium  L  :  Copper- and Zinc oxide based materials for sustainable energy technologies
Symposium  D  :  Transparent conducting oxides and related materials
Symposium  G  :  Materials, processing, and characterization techniques for future nuclear technologies
Symposium  P  :  Advanced on functional doped glasses: technologies, properties and applications
Symposium  M  :  Functional textiles – from research and development to innovations and industrial uptake
Symposium  S  :  Composite materials and structures: from research and practical demands to application
Symposium  N  :  Crystallography in materials science: novel methods for novel materials
Symposium  H  :  Local probing techniques and in-situ measurements of energy storage and conversion

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