Global Performance Challenges: Building and Sustaining Competitiveness

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Місто: Gurgaon

Тези до: 06.06.2014

Дати: 11.09.14 — 11.09.14

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Організатори: Amity University


Corporations  across  globe  are  operating  in  an
increasingly competitive landscape. Achieving business
success  in emerging markets has become a key  factor  for
multinational  corporations  worldwide  seeking  new
growth opportunities and greater global  supply  chain
efficiency.  With  the  prospect  of  modest  growth  in
developed markets, and cut  throat competition  in  the
emerging markets,  there  is an  imminent challenge  for
the corporates around  the world  to  look  forward  for new
avenues which can enhance their business performance
and let them win new markets. Globalisation has on the
one  hand  forced  the  domestic  organisations  to work
hard  to  match  the  competitive  advantages  of  their
new global rivals and also on the other hand created a
highly  competitive  environment  for  the  multinational
corporations to operate. Therefore, in these situations,
both  domestic  and  multinational  corporations  are
opting  for  continuous  innovations  and  integrating
themselves on their core competencies for building and
sustaining  competitiveness.
Further , competition between multinational corporations
has now transformed from hard competitiveness to soft
competitiveness,  from  simple  reliance  on  technology
and product competitiveness  to  reliance on concepts  like
Corporate  Social  Responsibility  and  Social  Ethics.
Advanced  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  ideas  and
practices  already  constitute  the  heart  of  business
competitiveness  which  has  now  extended  from
enterprise level to societal level. The patterns have been

shifting  to  innovative business strategies and practices
that  can deliver profits  from  responsible behaviour of
business  leading  to  responsible  competitiveness.  This
has surely galvanized the corporations acorss world to
do  a  better  analysis  of  themselves  as  well  as  the
environment on a global scale and assimilate  its benefits
to a  scalable  level and win more markets by  shaping
their  strategies  in  line  with  the  economic  and  social
In the above backdrop, the present international
conference aims to:
•  Bring  together  academics,  Govt.  policy  makers,
business  entrepreneurs, management  practitioners
from all over the globe to discuss and analyse all the
factors  responsible  for  enhancing  the  competitive
factors  in organisations and  the challenges visualised
with  the dynamic environment changes happening at
all  levels.
•  Provide a forum for fruitful thoughts taking place in
view of the latest developments happening in global
markets and various  researches being done based
on  the  world-wide  policy  implications  as  well  as
challenges emerging  from  these dynamic  situations.
•  Inspire thinking in the embracing of new information
technologies that present new market opportunities
and  innovative  ways  of  increasing  business
performance as well as creating value for customers,
shareholders and other  key  stakeholders.

This conference will bring together corporate
people, business representatives, academicians,
consultants, researchers and scholars to discuss a
broad range of topics related to the given theme.
Original research and review papers are solicited
from all disciplines on topics including but not
limited to:
Contemporary Business Management Practices
•  Global Corporation and Environment
•  Ecopreneurs: Need of 21st Century
•  Ethics in a global context
•  Intellectual property and knowledge management
•  Trans-boundary risks in business
•  Corporate governance
•  Corporate social responsibility leading to
Competitive Marketing in the Global Context
•  Traditional  & contemporary marketing
communication issues
•  E-tailing - A growth opportunity
•  Integrated marketing communication
•  Assessing marketing performance
•  Green marketing and procurement
•  Marketing strategy in the emerging environment
•  CRM practices
•  Service marketing management
•  Innovations in services, logistics and supply-chain
Finance in Integrated Global Environment
•  Financial innovations for creating value in the
global era
•  Financial engineering
•  Emerging trends in financial markets and market
•  Strategic financial management
•  Value creating through mergers & acquisitions
•  Foreign investment and global diversification
•  Recent accounting practices and challenges

Corporate Strategy Initiatives in the Global context
•  Balanced scorecard for superior organisational
•  Building and sustaining competitiveness through
strategic restructuring
•  Business value chain analysis in achieving superior
organisational performance
•  Business strategies in global context
HRM and Organisational Behaviour
•  Building organisational excellence through strategic HRM
•  Cross cultural and global Human Resource
•  Effective performance management system for
enhancing growth
•  Talent management strategies for sustaining
•  Managing cross-cultural diversity
•  E-Recruitment strategies
•  Organisational change and development for
sustainable growth
•  Leadership in the changing scenario
•  Contemporary HR practices
Information Technology and Services
•  Technology and emergence of new business model
•  Technology in building and sustaining competitiveness
•  Risk assessment and security issues
•  Cloud computing
•  Cybercrime and ICT security issues
•  Web technology and management
•  Legal & ethical aspects of IT
•  Service oriented computing for E-Business
•  Security and legal aspects of social media
•  Human and societal issues in information systems
Operation Challenges in Global Era
•  Resource management through operations and supply
chain management
•  TQM in achieving superior performance

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