The ASEAN Conference on Science and Technology 2014

Країна: Індонезія

Місто: Bogor

Тези до: 15.06.2014

Дати: 18.08.14 — 20.08.14

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: ASEAN Economic Community


 The ASEAN Conference on Science and Technology 2014 is another name of the 4th Science Congress and Sub Committee Conference of ASEAN. It will be held in Bogor, Indonesia on August 18th-19th, 2014. It is a triennial event of the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST). According to the blueprints of ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and ASEAN Social-Culture Community 2015, ASEAN COST is expected to provide contribution in Science and Technology to Economic and Social-Culture preparation towards realization of ASEAN Community 2015. In this sense, this year conference holds special meaning since it is the last event before the implementation of ASEAN Community 2015. State members of ASEAN are expected to reveal their progresses in Science and Technology in line with the blueprints.

The conference is a part of 10 days spectacular activities of the 9th ASEAN Science and Technology Week (ASTW) event under the theme Innovations from the most dynamic region on earth which is held on August 18th-28th 2014. Innovation for better ASEAN Community is selected as the sub-theme for the conference. Presently ASEAN COST has 9 subcommittees and has been conducting flagship programs to be collaborated among the state members. The conference wraps up all subcommittees and flagships in a focused topic: Science and Technology Innovation in food, energy, water and related topics for ASEAN development.

The conference is intended to encourage networking, partnership and cooperation as well as technology transaction among leading participants, including policy makers, scientists, engineers, business players and industrial practitioners, from ASEAN Countries and their counter parts from International S&T Community as well as from private sectors. It is also expected to promote S&T culture-based-community and to accelerate human resources development within ASEAN Countries with special attention to increase S&T awareness among ASEAN young generation including under graduate and post graduate students.

We invite paper submissions of Both Policy and Science and Technology on Food, Energy, Marine, Biotechnology, Materials, Microelectronics, and Information Technology, Meteoroly and Geophysics, Space Technology and Application, Infrastructure of Research and Development as well as on ASEAN COST flagship programs.

Following the subcommittees under ASEAN COST, the conference is divided into 8 independent topical ones :

    SCFST (Sub-Committee on Food Science and Technology)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)
    In recent years, new products of food are developed and designated to promote optimal health and reduce risk of disease. In terms of food production, ASEAN countries have placed tremendous effort in legislating food safety regulation and securing for producing of healthy food. New technology of food processing has been developed and quality control has been ensured by accredited food laboratory. Research and development on food science and technology is oriented to ensure food availability, its safety and security, hence, the research is covering from raw materials, processing, quality control, product diversification to environmental control.
    ASTW is a good opportunity to exchange and communicate recent progress of researchin food science and technology. In support to ASTW event,the conference programof SCFST will provide the scientific agenda for food security and safety, production of healthy food, food laboratory works and new technology, environmentally sound technologies of farming and food processing.

    SCMSAT (Sub-Committee on Marine Science and Technology)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)
    Mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

    SCMST (Sub-Committee on Material Science and Technology)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)

    SCSER (Sub-Committee on Sustainable Energy Research)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)
    Need assessment of Environmental Sustainability Technology (EST), green transportation, green building, water management, waste management, ASEAN power grids, Trans ASEAN gass pipe line, bio-fuel and other renewable energies.

    SCMIT (Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology) & Flagship Programme on OSS (Open Source Software)
    International Conference on Microelectronics and Software Technology (August 18th-20th, 2014)
    The conference is focused on the science and technology innovation in the field of microelectronics and information technologies. In particular, but not restricted to its applications and implementations and how the innovation contributes to the development of ASEAN communities.

    SCB (Sub-Committee on Biotechnology)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)
    Biotechnology has impacted development of countries and regions in many aspects at different levels. The progress of biotechnology research and development in health and medicine, food/crop production, and bio energy need to be shared to foster collaboration among scientists of ASEAN member states.

    SCMG (Sub-Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)

    SCOSA (Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications)
    TBA (August 18th-19th, 2014)

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