USAB 2014 : Enriching Health Data for Research & Practice

Країна: Австрія

Місто: Vienna

Тези до: 10.07.2014

Дати: 04.12.14 — 06.12.14

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Vienna University and Medical University of Vienna


Health costs worldwide are rapidly increasing. Demographic structures are dramatically changing. Technological advances are tremendously increasing. The invariable need for quality remains. Advances in Biomedical Informatics provide the foundations for modern patient-centered healthcare solutions, health care systems, technologies and techniques. Future technologies shall provide a trade-off between standardization and personalized medicine.

Particular emphasis will be given on the analysis of clinical processes (patient-oriented medical interventions), including and highlighting methods of process mining to investigate the structural dynamics of disease and treatment processes based on evidence from event logs originating in clinical contexts. Both data-driven modeling and assessment of medical intervention regimes are of high interest in order to further theoretical understanding of patho-/saluto-dynamics as well as to scrutinize, improve and assess medical practice, Methodological (models, data analytics), medical (logic/theory of clinical pathways and standard operating procedures), and infrastructure aspects (data organization, management of evidence, institutional considerations) are solicited alike. Another challenging aspect is process mining: In health institutions big data is captured concerning the diagnosis and treatments of patients. Such systems also record business processes in form of event logs. Log data can be used as input for process mining, so that process related knowledge can be discovered. For health care this can be used to provide insight into the complex health processes. There is an enormous potential of process mining in healthcare as it allows hospitals to analyze, hence optimize their processes.

A cross-domain integration and appraisal of different fields will provide an atmosphere to foster different perspectives and opinions; it will offer a platform for novel ideas and a fresh look on the methodologies to put these ideas into Business.

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