BigDAP 2014 : 1st International Workshop on Big Data Applications and Principles

Країна: Іспанія

Місто: Madrid

Тези до: 21.07.2014

Дати: 11.09.14 — 12.09.14

Область наук: Кібернетика;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: BIGDAP


BIGDAP 2014 is a workshop aimed at promoting and displaying excellent research and innovation on Big Data. BIGDAP 2014 encourages high-quality research in all branches of Big Data application. Their broad scope provides an opportunity to bring together researchers and industrial companies motivated by the exchange of theoretical, practical and experimental approaches in implemented real use cases. BIGDAP 2014 is hosted and sponsored by FP7 ONTIC project (Online Network TraffIc Characterization, that is funded by European Commission. Therefore, the application of scalable Big Data analytics to network traffic characterization will be a key topic in this workshop. Significant room will be reserved to PhD students in BIGDAP 2014, to allow them to share ideas and know-how related to Big Data topics.


Topics of either theoretical or applied interest include, but are not limited to:
* Techniques, models and algorithms for Big data
* Scalable Data Mining and Machine learning techniques and mechanisms
* Big Data frameworks and architectures
* NoSQL, NewSQL and Graph databases
* Verification, Validation and Testing Big Data applications
* Big Data and analytics in Telecommunication, Social Media, Bioinformatics, health care, medicine, finance, business, law, education, transportation, science, engineering, ecosystem, etc.
* Multimedia and unstructured data management for Big Data
* Parallel, distributed computing and virtualization for Big Data
* Hardware/software infrastructure for Big Data
* Big Data Security and Privacy challenges
* Cleaning Big Data (noise reduction), acquisition & integration
* Grid and stream computing for Big Data
* Programming models and environments to support Big Data
* Multidimensional Big Data
* Algorithms for enhancing data quality

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