2nd ICHCUP International Conference on Humour in Conventional and Unconventional Politics

Країна: Румунія

Місто: Galati

Тези до: 30.09.2012

Дати: 06.11.12 — 08.11.12

Область наук: Філологічні; Політологія;

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The aim of the present conference is to bring together researchers with a range of views on humour and politics. The relation of humour and politics is definitely not a straightforward one. The central question that could be raised here is whether humour influences politics and shapes both political figures and political acts. Furthermore, we would like to draw the attention on what actually happens whenever humour occurs in political settings or is used to refer to political affairs.

We welcome contributions on humour in:
political speeches
humour in political campaigning and political conferences
humour in parliamentary debates
humour and democracy
humour and leadership
military humour
humour in totalitarian societies
humour in wartime
political humour in the media

In order to meet these objectives, the organizers invite contributions from both linguistic and related non-linguistic disciplines such as:
political studie
media studies
cultural studies

The elaboration of joint methodological frameworks is strongly encouraged. Contributions from empirical studies are most welcome.

Further details concerning proposal submission are available in the Abstract submission section. The conference program as well as details  concerning accommodation and registration will be available in the First and Second Circular.

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