Hegel, Analytic Philosophy, and Formal Logic

Країна: США

Місто: Fort Wayne

Тези до: 01.07.2014

Дати: 17.10.14 — 18.10.14

Область наук: Філософські;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: butler@ipfw.edu

Організатори: ndiana University-Purdue University


We hereby reissue an updated CFP exploring the real possibilities and/or
limits a “Hegel turn” in English-speaking philosophy. More specifically, we
shall explore the possibilities and/or limits--building on 20th century
Hegel scholarship which has largely recovered the historical Hegel--of
developing the Hegelian philosophical project (which Hegel called the
perennial philosophy in its latest form) beyond the point where he left it.
In assessing further development of this project we are especially concerned
to explore integration conceptual and linguistic tools from the analytic
tradition and from post-Aristotelian formal logic.     

Paul Redding (University of Sydney) and Clark Butler (Purdue
University, Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne) are the organizers of this conference
to take place on the Fort Wayne Campus, Fort Wayne Indiana 26805 USA,
Friday-Saturday, October 17-18, 2014. The two co-sponsors are the School of
Philosophical and History Inquiry at the University of Sydney, Australia,
and the Purdue University Philosophy Department at the Indiana
University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Campus (IPFW).

This conference is also co-sponsored by the Indiana Philosophical
Association (IPA) meeting concurrently at the Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
Campus (IPFW). Three simultaneous sessions are planned, two organized by the
IPA alongside the one cited above--all three in Fort Wayne. Currently with
this CFP, the IPA is to issue its own CFP.

Invited speakers for the Hegel conference include Robert Brandom
(Pittsburgh), Ermanno Bencivenga (UC-Irvine), Angelica Nuzzo (CUNY Graduate
Center), and Graham Priest (CUNY Graduate Center). Robert Brandom has
accepted an invitation from the IPA to be keynote speaker for one plenary

The deadline for submitting advanced complete drafts for blind review
for this conference is August 1, 2014. Notification in the case of all
submitted papers will be given on September 1. Earlier notification of the
intent to submit, accompanied by a developed abstract, is welcome and will
be acknowledged. It may result constructive non-blind feedback in some
cases, but with no conditions for revision placed on final paper submission
by August 1 for blind review.

Sample questions to be addressed are: “How much merit would Hegel, if
alive today, see in contemporary formal logic?” “Can non-standard types of
formal logic help clarify Hegel, or is the cause of making Hegel clearer
better served by using standard formal logic, the formal logic commonly
known to analytically trained mainstream philosophers today?” “Can the
traditional view of some Hegel scholars—namely, that formal logic empty of
content is useless in making Hegel clear--be rethought through formal logics
other than the one understood either by Hegel or by writers of standard
symbolic textbooks” "Are their uses of formal logic that evade Hegel's
criticism of formal logic as such?" "Did Hegel actually meaningfully
contribute to formal logic in his logic of judgements and syllogisms in his
science of logic?" “Can Hegel be understood better by preserving the
contrast between dialectical logic and formal logic, or can dialectical
logic be assimilated to a formal logic capable of expressing "reason" rather
than merely the "understanding"?” Submissions addressing these and related
questions are welcome.

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