5th ASM Conference on Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria

Країна: США

Місто: San Antonio

Тези до: 04.07.2014

Дати: 18.10.14 — 21.10.14

Область наук: Біологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: jsliwa@asmusa.org.

Організатори: American Society for Microbiology


Please take the time to read this section thoroughly before making your submission since there are several key issues highlighted in the following: 

  1. For many conferences, abstract submissions are considered for poster presentation only. In some cases, the scientific program organizers may select some abstracts for oralpresentations in the plenary sessions.  The decision on the format of presentation and the session assigned is made by the program organizers.
  2. Each abstract will be peer reviewed for (a) scientific content, (b) the scientific merit of the research, and (c) adherence to standard formatting rules followed by the Society. The decision to accept or reject an abstract rests with the scientific program organizers.
  3. Once accepted, notification will be provided by email to the presenting author, and the presenter must register for the conference, paying the applicable registration fee.
  4. You may not submit an abstract on behalf of someone else if you are not listed as one of the authors.
  5. If you are requesting to be considered for a student travel grant, you must be the submitter ofthe abstract (this ensures your contact information is on record and available) and present the abstract at the conference if selected.
  6. You must obtain the approval of all co-authors before placing their names on the abstract. Failure to do so will result in the immediate rejection of the abstract.
  7. If you submit an abstract, you must be prepared to discuss essential details of your methods and results.
  8. Abstracts must be received through electronic submission by the deadline. Photocopies,  facsimile, or e-mail copies will not be accepted and will be discarded.
  9. Abstracts are limited to 2500 characters.
Abstract Topic Categories

• Signal Generation and Perception
• Interference of Signaling
• Bacterial Development and Signaling
• Host-Pathogen Interactions and Signaling
• Systems Biology and New Technologies
• Symbiosis and Mutualism
• Evolution of Signaling

Джерело:5th ASM Conference on Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria

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