International conference on "Global Indian Diaspora: Continuities and Changes"

Країна: Індія

Місто: Hyderabad

Тези до: 15.08.2014

Дати: 06.11.14 — 07.11.14

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Організатори: University of Hyderabad


The processes of globalization have been undergoing change over time for centuries from silent trade and barter exchange, through international trade and multinational corporations, to a free flow of capital and culture beyond the boundaries of n ation-states spanning the globe. The far reaching changes in technologies of transport and com munication, that followed the micro- electronic revolution, have already impacted immensely on the way people think, work and view the world. India today is not just a place, space or bounded territor y forming a nation-state as it were, but the one for nearly a century long experience of being in Britain, The Netherlands, Trinidad, Guyana, Surinam, Fiji, Malaysia, Uganda, South Africa, USA, Canada an d several other nations. It is what India has come to be, as it were dispersed. Unde r the present regime of globalization, India stretches to all corners of the globe where India ns remain Indians forming Global Indian Diaspora. The proposed International Conference on “Global Indian Diaspora” aims at examining the continuities and changes in the lives of Indians in the dias pora. Besides discussing the conceptual issues in the stud y of Indian diaspora in the contemporary context, the conference shall address various themes such as: issues of identity; transnationalism; and new policy initiatives.

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