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What we offer

A PhD is an unusual career option in many ways. Where else can you use all of your creativity and intellectual power to answer fundamental scientific question? Where else do you find so many people who are driven by the same passion?

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) are committed to provide a creative space for discoveries. Our research covers a wide range of the molecular biosciences, exploring life at a cellular, molecular and atomic level. All students and scientists benefit from excellent scientific facilities.

Our institute is characterized by a spirit of sharing ideas and resources. Currently, 150 PhD students from more than 40 nations work at the MFPL and create an open, interactive atmosphere. English is the official working language.

Course Requirements
The MFPL graduate course curriculum is designed to provide a foundation broad enough and deep enough to support thesis research across a wide spectrum of cutting edge problems in biology. Our curriculum consists of core courses as well as specialized courses organized in various formats that focus on different topics and/or methodologies relevant to modern biology. We strongly encourage students to attend courses in scientific writing and presentation. Your degree will be awarded either by the University of Vienna or the Medical University of Vienna, depending on the affiliation of your group leader. The minimum requirement for a PhD degree in terms of courses is 30 ECTS (credit points). Graduate training is coordinated by Dean’s Office (Graham Warren) and the directors of the Doctoral Programs. Currently, the Max F. Perutz Laboratories hosts three Doctoral Programs with a special research focus:

↗ Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Signaling
↗ RNA Biology
↗ Chromosome Dynamics


PhD Advisory Committee
Quality mentoring and research advising are hallmarks of effective graduate training. Your PhD committee will consist of your supervisor and two or three scientists who are acknowledged experts on the topic of your thesis project. The committee will support you through your project, accompanying it from the initial public presentation, through annual progress reports, to the final thesis defense. The role of the PhD committee is to provide creative and practical feedback, to review scientific progress and to suggest extension or modification of objectives. Our hope is that the committee will help students in the early stages to get a good start, and will be a valuable resource for students at any point during their graduate career.


Scientific Seminars
There is a huge number of excellent scientific seminars to chose from. As an example, the popular Biocenter (VBC) Seminar Series hosts many world-leading scientists from Europe and overseas. The speakers are selected by the votes of faculty members, Postdocs and PhD students. In addition, many international symposia take place at the Vienna Biocenter Campus.


Student and Postdoc Retreats
All MFPL PhD students and Postdocs are invited to attend an annual retreat. The schedule will be planned entirely by students/Postdocs and will include scientific talks, poster sessions, guest speakers (science and career development) and social gatherings. The retreats are an excellent way for new MFPL members to meet their colleagues, share ideas and to simply have fun.


Courses in Communication, Presentation and Project Management
MFPL offers various courses that aim at improving your “soft skills”. Learn basic rules of oral, visual and written communication, understand the importance and impact of body language and voice. These courses are very helpful in order to prepare for PhD defenses, general scientific talks and job interviews.


One-on-one coaching provides in coping with individual problems. The coaches offer to help young researchers work out specific strategies and find solutions for their professional concerns. Topics include individual career planning, conflict and crises at work, dealing with stress or professional decision-making situations.
Contact Gerlinde Aschauer:


MFPL German Course
MFPL offers German courses every semester. These are run by a qualified teacher for “German as a Foreign Language” and take place directly at the MFPL. The courses usually start at the beginning of the semester (October, March), last ten weeks and are held in the evening twice a week for 90 minutes.
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The Vienna Biocenter Campus: A Melting Pot for Ideas
Since 1988, the Vienna Biocenter Campus has developed into an outstanding life science center not only in Austria but also in Europe. Research is conducted by more than 80 different research groups within the MFPL, the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) and the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI). Since access to state of the art infrastructure is an important element of today’s research, a vision for communal use of infrastructure was developed. In 2010, new Campus Science Support Facilities with a comprehensive range of new technologies were set up. The Campus offers a family-friendly atmosphere (e.g. campus child care), a cafeteria, sport facilities as well as good public transport connections. There is a strong feeling of a campus community and scientists are extremely well connected.


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